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Great for starters, launching less than 3 designs per week

$7.99 Per Month

Upload 1 Design Per Day To Your Vault

Upload Up To 100 Designs To Your Vault

Access The Design Replicator

Access The Merch Upload Assistant

Access The Facebook Support Group

No Access To Expert Teelance Outsourcers

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For serious apparel sellers who want to scale their business beyond 5 launches per week

$27 Per Month

No Daily Vault Upload Limit

Upload Up To 4000 Designs To Your Vault

Priority Access To The Design Replicator

Create Up To 4000 Replicated Designs Every Month For Free

Access The Merch Upload Assistant

Access The Facebook Support Group

Unlimited Scaling Using Expert Teelance
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The apparel industry is filled with copycat designers who steal your hard earned dollars by ripping off your top selling products. on top of that a new wave of dodgy dealers are now trademarking widely popular phrases to stop you from creating winning designs.

Protect yourself from Trolls And Copycats by uploading your designs to the secure Teelance Vault and get them independently time-stamped to prove your ownership and the date you created them.

*A portion of the profits from Teelance will also go towards fighting Trademark Trolls directly in the courtrooms.

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The designers are great - talented, efficient and responsive. And, since they are specialising in designs for apparel, you can be sure you will get what you need. If you have any issues, support is very responsive too. Teelance is there for you to create designs, research ideas, and assist you in protecting your golden design ideas. It will quickly become in integral part of your apparel business success.

- Melissa Murdoch

turn 1 winning design into 20

What’s better than 1 hot selling design? 5 Hot Selling Designs! Stop paying designers $5+ to adapt designs to different niches. Scale your designs in seconds at a fraction of the cost Add any font and create unlimited lists of niches.

*Business Users Receive Priority Placement In The Design Replicator Beta And Get Up To 4000 Free Design Variations Every Month Included with their membership

For the last six months I have tested Teelance and have had the pleasure of seeing the platform develop into a High quality & well supported product. As a "Converted" believer, I have successfully built up my T shirt business to the Almost Automated level of Overnight residual income. Without the ability to Outsource Professional T shirt Designs, Research & Development Using Teelance, this would be impossible for me to do within the limited time we all have been given. Leverage is the answer and Teelance provides an International AIO professional Five star service currently unmatched within the current online marketing environment.

- David Jewell

no stress scaling

Get Access To Our Experienced, Vetted Apparel Business Experts Run Your Business In Less Than 30 minutes/Day. Access Professional Apparel Designers Get Quality Design Ideas For Any Niche With No Effort Manage All Your Tasks From A Dedicated Dashboard

*Exclusive To Teelance Business Users

I have used outsourcers before, my problem was that the quality of work I received never matched my expectations and certainly didn’t match my sales targets. From the second you get your first research task back, you can see that Stephen has found the best mix of quality and cost efficiency. The Teelance system has let me scale my business further than I could have imagined while holding down my full time job.

- Stefania Nicotra

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